Duration: 1 month

Tools: Rhinoceros

              Adobe InDesign

              Adobe Illustrator

              Adobe Photoshop

Material: 2” Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Pipe S40

                   16g hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheeting

                   SOLAR POWERED LED LIghting

                   2.5” Steel Mounting Flanges With 3.5” Bolts

                   Surfacing: POWDERCOATED SURFACE & LETTERING

This is a bike rack designing competition held by Washington Avenue Parking Benefit District Advisory Committee in Houston. Our team designed a bike rack called FUSE based on the arts and local specialties of Washington Avenue. This project is ranked the best 5 works in the end and chosen in the final proposal presentation. In the annual exhibition "ID+" at the University of Houston, our team was also selected. 

In this project, I participated in designing and building the bike rack and learned the different possibilities of materials.


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